Duty of Care Policy

Our Aims

The health and safety of all personnel associated with the Society is considered to be of the utmost importance.

Our Society is committed to ensuring their health and safety through risk management initiatives aimed at, wherever practical, eliminating or reducing conditions, work practices or procedures that could cause injury.

Our Responsibility

What our Society will do:

  • Identify risks and where appropriate take action to eliminate or reduce them

  • Provide information, instruction and training and competent supervision

  • Provide safe items, equipment and systems of work

  • Ensure that appropriate first aid is available for all injuries

Your Responsibility

Your responsibility as a Society committee member, volunteer or person associated with the Society or its activity in any other contributing capacity:

  • Cooperate with occupational Health and Safety policies and programs to ensure everyone’s health and safety

  • Work in a healthy and safe manner and follow all safe working methods and safety rules

  • Use all equipment as instructed

  • Immediately report what you consider to be unsafe conditions, practices or equipment to the Society safety warden

  • Report all injuries and incidents immediately to the safety warden/executive officers or other responsible persons

  • Not interfere with or misuse things that have been provided for your health and safety

Executive Responsibility

The Society executive / officers / committee member responsibility:

  • Provide leadership by setting a good example of commitment and compliance with Occupational Health and Safety policies

  • Effectively implement OH and S policies, programs and principles

  • Ensure supervision is provided where needed

  • Promptly investigate all accidents / incidents and take remedial action where appropriate

  • Enforce all legislative requirements that apply

  • Ensure regular safety inspections / audits are conducted

  • All visitors must conform to our safety requirements


Contractors and sub-contractors:

  • All contractors, sub-contractors and other persons engaged in any kind of work, whether remunerated or voluntary, in association with Society activity, as part of their contract/engagement / contribution, must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety related policies, procedures and programs of the Society

  • They must observe directions on health and safety when given by the Society safety warden or other designated person

  • Failure to comply will be considered a breach and sufficient grounds for the Society to terminate the contract / engagement/contribution