2018 Show Results

Tables of winning exhibitors from the 2018 Dorrigo & Guy Fawkes Agricultural Show. Use the index below to find a section of interest, or scroll down to browse the results.


Section 1:

Led ClassesHorseRider / Owner
Champion Led ThoroughbredNans RulesZoe Murphy
Champion Led ANSACantali Man in the MirrorStacey Drew
Champion Led GFHHS.C.H. DaintreeLisa Burgess
Reserve Led Champion GFHHS.C.H. ShylohLisa Burgess
Champion Led Arabian PurebredKavalia MiVicky Shaw
Reserve Champion Led Arabian PurebredNKKHE SahnPaul Porter
Champion Led Arabian DerivativeHarrington Park IconKimberley Tout
Reserve Champion Led Arabian DerivativeMylambi A Chance encounterMykaella Rucker
Champion Led Heavy HorseDiegoTaneel Robinson
Champion Led Any Other BreedFoxridge ElandroSally Taylor
Reserve Champion Led Any Other BreedArgentille in HarmonyCassidy Meldrum
Champion Led ABHRG.F. PearlArnold Duckett
Reserve Champion Led ABHRG.F. Rocky RoadSally Duckett
Champion Led ASH 3Yrs & underCantali Man in the MirrorStacey Drew
Champion Led ASHBinnia MajitoShamil Livestock
Reserve Champion Led ASHCantali Man in the MirrorStacey Drew
Champion Led Quarter HorseSpecial MeritLaurie Darby
Reserve Champion Led Quarter HorseNegotiateLaurie Darby
Champion Led Welsh P/BHarrington Park IconKymberley Tout
Champion Led Australian Saddle PonyKennalley Wood EnchantedShanelle Moy
Reserve Champion Led Australian Saddle PonyCamik Park SophisticationJessica McCusker
Champion Led Australian Riding PonyRaleigh SerenityE. Brook
Reserve Champion Led Australian Riding PonyKamilaroi TribuneShoshone Dingley
Champion Led WarmbloodNew World MinistryKim Peterkin
Reserve Champion Led WarmbloodArgentille in HarmonyCassidy Meldrum
Ridden ClassesHorseRider / Owner
Champion Ridden ThoroughbredNans RulesZoe Murphy
Champion Ridden ANSAHoney s Destiny Lucky BoyMonique Brown
Reserve Champion Ridden ANSAWehona LawsonBrie Aitkin
Champion Ridden Arabian DerivativeMylambi A Chance encounterMykaella Rucker
Reserve Champion Ridden Arabian DerivativeMelody Park Golden TiaraKimberley Tout
Champion Ridden Any Other BreedArgentille in HarmonyCassidy Meldrum
Champion Ridden BrumbyGypsyLilly Frost
Champion Ridden ASHRossmore ContessaCameron Neville
Reserve Champion ASHFourhooves QuestionabullShamil Livestock
ASH Lady RiderCantali Man in the MirrorStacey Drew
ASH Gent RiderJats Bar MolalolJ. Lee
ASH u/17 RiderWehona LawsonBrie Aitken
Stock Horse Tested
Junior Stock Horse Tested
Station Hack
Champion Ridden Quarter HorseNegotiateLaurie Darby
Reserve Champion Quarter HorseEmma SapphireArnold Duckett
Champion Unregistered PonyTetoCourtney Deny
Reserve Champion Unregistered PonyRalphZ Pryor
Champion Ridden Australian Riding PonyMelody Park Golden TiaraKimberley Tout
Reserve Champion Ridden Australian Riding PonyGL Equisite AmberCourtney Quin
Champion Ridden Australian Saddle PonyGL Equisite AmberCourtney Quin
Reserve Champion Ridden Australian Saddle PonyHarrington Park IconKymberley Tout
Champion Pony HacksMylambi A Chance encounterMykaella Rucker
Reserve Champion Pony HacksWillieNevaehTindoy
Champion open Pony HacksMylambi A Chance encounterMykaella Rucker
Reserve Champion open Pony HacksHarrington Park IconKymberley Tout
Champion Hunter PoniesMirkwood ExquissetteHenry Newell Hutton
Reserve Champion Hunter PoniesRivington BanknoteCorley Woodland
Champion Adult RiderJustine Aitken
Reserve Champion Adult RiderCrystal Sowter
Supreme Show HunterStoney CreekCharlotte Jacobson
Supreme Show HackKamilaroi TribuneShoshone Dingell
Supreme Grand ChampionHoney's Destiny Lucky BoyMonique Brown

Section 1a:
Show Jumping

45cm Allie CarsonNev Tindoy
60cm Allie CarsonDwayne SchmidtDwayne Schmidt
75cm Ash BarnettMel DodsonDwayne Schmidt
90cm Molly BakerJade MichaelAsh Marnett
1m Tom PittingtonLucy HicksMolly Baker
1.10m Nicola GeddesNicola GeddesPriscilla Scmidt
1.20m Nicola GeddesNicola Geddes
Six Bar Molly Baker &
Lucy Hicks (equal)
Local Classes1st2nd3rd
45cm Abby RaymondEve FortinBrodi Naylor Hughes
60cm Abby RaymondBrodi Naylor HughesElena Leek
75cm Brodi Naylor HughesAbby RaymondDwayne Schmidt
90cm Molly BakerNicola GeddesBrodi Naylor Hughes
1m Molly BakerPriscilla ScmidtNicola Geddes
1.10m Nicola GeddesNicola GeddesPriscilla Scmidt
1.20m Nicola GeddesNicola Geddes

Section 2:
Dairy Cattle

Heifer under 6 monthsNatalie BookerSimon AtkinsMB & JG Moore
Heifer 6 months and under 12 monthsSimon AtkinsNatalie BookerNatalie Booker
Heifer 12 months and under 18 monthsNatalie BookerWayne BurleySimon Atkins
Heifer 18 months and under 24 monthsMB & JG MooreSimon AtkinsWayne Burley
Pen of 3 females under 2 yearsNatalie BookerSimon AtkinsWayne Burley
Sires progeny pair of heifers under 2 yearsSimon AtkinsMB & JG MooreWayne Burley
Cow under 2 years milkingBurley and Todd
Cow 2 years to 2 ½ years milkingWayne Burley
Cow 2 ½ to 3 years milkingNatalie BookerMB & JG MooreWayne Burley
Cow 2 to 3 years dryWayne Burley
Best intermediate udderNatalie Booker
Cow 3 to 4 years milkingNatalie BookerWayne BurleyNatalie Booker
Cow 4 to 5 years milkingNatalie Booker
Cow 5 years and over milkingNatalie BookerNatalie Booker &
Simon Atkins (equal)
Natalie Booker
Cow 3 years and over dryWayne Burley
Best udder open ageNatalie Booker
Cow 2 or 3 yearsWayne BurleyWayne Burley
Cow 2 years and overNatalie BookerNatalie BookerNatalie Booker
Jersey cow producing highest
solids in previous 12 months
Natalie Booker
Sires progeny 2 females any ageNatalie BookerWayne Burley
Maternal related progenyNatalie Booker
Pen of 3 females -
milking, dry or mixed age
Natalie Booker Wayne Burley
Group of 5 femalesNatalie BookerWayne Burley

Section 2a:
Junior Dairy Paraders

S2a: To be advised

Section 3:
Beef Cattle

Angus Bull under 12 monthsGrant WattAlister Dieckmann
Angus Bull 12 months and under 16 monthsGrant WattAlister DieckmannAlister Dieckmann
Angus Bull 24 months and under 30 monthsGrant Watt
Angus Bull - ChampionGrant Watt
Angus Bull - Reserve Grant Watt
Angus Female under 12Grant WattGrant WattGrant Watt
Angus Female 12 months and under 16 monthsAlsiter DieckmannAlsiter Dieckmann
Angus Female 16 months and under 20 monthsGrant Watt
Angus Female 20 months and under 24 monthsAlister Dieckmann
Angus Female 24 months and under 30 monthsAlsiter Dieckmann
Angus Female – ChampionAlister Dieckmann
Angus Female – ReserveAlister Dieckmann
Bazadaise Bull 24 months and under 30 monthsTony Lomax
Bazadaise Bull – ChampionTony Lomax
Braford Bull 12 months and under 16 monthsDoug and Shirley BennettDoug and Shirley Bennett
Braford Bull 20 months and under 24 monthsDoug and Shirley Bennett
Braford Bull 24 months and under 30 monthsDoug and Shirley Bennett
Braford Bull – ChampionDoug and Shirley Bennett
Braford Bull – ReserveDoug and Shirley Bennett
Braford Female 12 months and under 16 monthsDoug and Shirley BennettDoug and Shirley BennettDoug and Shirley Bennett
Braford Female – ChampionDoug and Shirley Bennett
Braford Female – ReserveDoug and Shirley Bennett
Brahman Bull 12 months and under 16 monthsStacey Clark
Brahman Bull 24 months and under 30 monthsDaniel Pryor
Brahman Bull – ChampionStacy Clark
Brahman Bull – ReserveDaniel Pryor
Brahman Female 12 months and under 16 monthsStacey ClarkStacey ClarkStacy Clark
Brahman Female 20 months and under 24 monthsStacey Clark
Brahman Female 24 months and under 30 monthsStacey Clark
Brahman Female – ChampionStacey Clark
Brahman Female – ReserveStacey Clark
Brangus Bull under 12 monthsLynette Davis
Brangus Bull – ChampionLynette Davis
Brangus Female under 12 monthsLynette Davis
Brangus Female – ChampionLynette Davis
Charolais Bull 12 months and under 16 monthsScott Beaumont
Charolais Bull – ChampionScott Beaumont
Charolais Female 12 months and under 16 monthsScott BeaumontRiley CookeScott Beaumont
Charolais Female 16 months and under 20Scott Beaumont
Charolais Female 24 months and under 30 monthsScott Beaumont
Charolais Female – ChampionScott Beaumont
Charolais Female – ReserveScott Beaumont
Devon Female 13 months and under 16 monthsDA & BJ RileyDA & BJ Riley
Devon Female – ChampionDA & BJ Riley
Devon Female - ReserveDA & BJ Riley
Hereford Bull 16 months and under 20 monthsRichard OgiliveGreg TylerRichard Ogilive
Hereford Bull 20 months and under 24 monthsGreg Tyler
Hereford Bull – ChampionRichard Ogilive
Hereford Bull – ReserveGreg Tyler
Hereford Female 16 months and under 20 monthsRichard OgiliveGreg TylerRichard Ogilive
Hereford Female 24 months and under 30 monthsRichard OgiliveRichard Ogilive
Poll Hereford Bull under 12 monthsGreg TylerGreg Tyler
Poll Hereford Female under 12 monthsGreg Tyler
Poll Hereford Female 20 months and under 24 monthsGreg Tyler
Poll Hereford Female 30 months and overGreg Tyler
Hereford Female – ChampionRichard Ogilive
Hereford Female - ReserveRichard Ogilive
Limousin Bull under 12 monthsTim Bayliss
Limousin Bull 12 months and under 16 monthsWelman
Limousin Bull 20 months and under 24 monthsTim Bayliss
Limousin Bull – ChampionTim Bayliss
Limousin Bull – ReserveTim Bayliss
Limousin Female 12 months and under 16 monthsTim BaylissWelmanWelman
Limousin Female 20 months and under 24 monthsTim Bayliss
Limousin Female – ChampionTim Bayliss
Limousin Female – ReserveWelman
Murray Grey Bull 12 months and under 16 monthsGraeme Hudson
Murray Grey Bull – ChampionGraeme Hudson
Murray Grey Female 12 months and under 16 monthsGraeme HudsonGraeme Hudson
Murray Grey Female – ChampionGraeme Hudson
Murray Grey Female – ReserveGraeme Hudson
Red Poll Bull under 12 monthsBowraville Central School
Red Poll Bull 16 month and under 20 monthsTim Light
Red Poll Bull 30 months and overBellingen High School
Red Poll Bull – ChampionTim Light
Red Poll Bull – ReserveBellingen High School
Red Pole Female under 12 monthsBellingen High School
Red Poll Female 16 months and under 20 monthsTim LightTim Light
Red Poll Female 24 months and under 30 monthsBowraville Central School
Red Poll Female 30 months and overTim LightBellingen High SchoolBellingen High School
Red Pole Female – ChampionTim Light
Red Pole Female – ReserveTim Light
Shorthorn Female 12 months and under 16 monthsNeil HellyarNeil HellyarNeil Helllyar
Shorthorn Female – ChampionNeil Hellyar
Shorthorn Female – ReserveNeil Hellyar
Simmental Bull 12 months and under 16 monthsDarren Beaumont
Simmental Bull 20 months and under 24 monthsDarren Beaumont
Simmental Bull – ChampionDarren Beaumont
Simmental Bull – ReserveDarren Beaumont
Simmental Female 12 months and under 16 monthsDarren Beaumont
Simmental Female 16 months and under 20 monthsDarren Beaumont
Simmental Female 20 months and under 24 monthsDarren Beaumont
Simmental Female 30 months and overDarren Beaumont
Simmental Female – ChampionDarren Beaumont
Simmental Female – ReserveDarren Beaumont
Speckle Park Bull 12 months and under 16 monthsMikayla HamiltonMikayla Hamilton
Speckle Park Bull – ChampionMikayla Hamilton
Speckle Park Bull – ReserveMikayla Hamilton
Speckle Park Female under 12 monthsMikayla Hamilton
Speckle Park Female 12 months and under 16 monthsMikayla Hamilton
Speckle Park Female 16 months and under 20 monthsMikayla Hamilton
Speckle Park Female – ChampionMikayla Hamilton
Speckle Park Female – ReserveMikayla Hamilton
Brahmousin Bull under 12 monthsPeter Okkonen
Brahmousin Bull 16 months and under 20 monthsPeter Okkonen
Brahmousin Bull – ChampionPeter Okkonen
Brahmousin Bull – ReservePeter Okkonen
Brahmousin Female under 12 monthsPeter Okkonen
Brahmousin Female 24 months and under 30 monthsPeter Okkonen
Brahmousin Female – ChampionPeter Okkonen
Brahmousin Female – ReservePeter Okkonen
Square Meater Female 12 months and under 16 monthsBellingen High SchoolBellingen High School
Square Meater Female – ChampionBellingen High School
Square Meater Female – ReserveBellingen High School
Interbreed Classes1st2nd3rd
Led SteerRiley and Ella CookeTony LemoxDarren Beaumont
Pair of BullsDoug and Shirley BennettGrant Watt
Pair of FemalesAlister DieckmannNeil HellyarTeAnie
Breeders GroupTeAnjieDoug and Shirley BennettGrant Watt
Sire’s/Dam’s ProgenyDough and Shirley BennettGrant WattStacey Clark
Grand Champion BullDoug and Shirley BennettLittle Valley Richard
Grand Champion FemaleScott BeaumontGlenlea Arley
Supreme Stud Beef ExhibitScott BeaumontGlenlea Arley
Most Successful ExhibitorDoug and Shirley Bennett

Section 3a:
Commercial Beef

Grass Fed pen of 3 headChris GibbonsDarren BeaumontCaranna
Grain Assisted pen of 3 Greg TylerGreg TylerScott Beaumont
Feeder pen of 3 steers/heifersLindsay CarterChris GibbonsKayla Hartly
Future Breeders pen of 3 heifersDarren BeaumontSue FrancesTahnee Beelitz

Section 3b:
Junior Beef Judging

Competitors under 13TuiJames Pollard &
James Beaumont (equal)
Competitors 13 & under 15Emma WilliamsAbby RaymondTia Beaumont &
Mathew Borgert (equal)
Competitors 15 & under 19Erica BaylissJemma BeaumontHolly Newsome

Section 3c:
Junior Beef Paraders

Competitors under 13Jackson BennettFletcher BennettDaniel Pryor
Competitors 13 and under 15Riley CookAbby RaymondEmma Williams
Competitors 15 and under 19Taychanne BurgoyneErica Bayliss Ella Cook

Section 3d:
Junior Heifer

Heifer 8 to 12 monthsLynette DavisGrant WattGrant Watt
Heifer 12 to 16 monthsTim BaylissDoug and Shirley BennettScott Beaumont
Heifer 16 to 20 monthsGrant Watt Scott Beaumont Darren Beaumont
Heifer 20 to 24 monthsTim BaylissDarren BeaumontGreg Tyler
Grand Champion HeiferMundoo HollyGrant Watt
Reserve Champion HeiferBaylim NevadaTim Bayliss

Section 4:

Large Hard Feather1st2nd
Indian Game AC MaleJohn Slater
OEG Pile MaleJohn Slater
OEG AOC MaleJohn SlaterJohn Slater
OEG AOC FemaleJohn Slater
Pit Game AC MaleJohn Slater
Pit Game AC FemaleJohn Slater
Hen Feather Pit Game MaleJohn Slater
Hen Feather Pit Game FemaleJohn Slater
Large Game AOV MaleJohn Slater
Large Soft Feather1st2nd
Australorp MaleCody PerrettJesse Tosh
Barnevelder MaleNeville Campbell
Wyandotte AOC MaleBellingen High SchoolNeville Campbell
Wyandotte AOC FemaleAmy JohnsonAmy Johnson
Sussex MaleNeville CampbellNeville Campbell
Sussex FemaleNeville Campbell
Leghorn AOC FemaleLes MacraeLes Macrae
Silkie AOC FemaleEmma Williams
AOV Soft Feather MaleJohn SlaterNeville Campbell
AOV Soft Feather FemaleJohn Slater
Soft Feather Bantam1st2nd
Australorp MaleCody Perrett
Langshan MaleEmma WilliamsCody Perrett
Langshan FemaleCody PerrettEmma Williams
Langshan AOC FemaleEmma Williams
Leghorn White MaleEmma WilliamsJohn Slater
Pekin AOC MaleEmma Williams
Pekin AOC FemaleEmma Williams
Rhode Island Red MaleCody Perrett
Rhode Island Red FemaleCody Perrett
Wyandotte White MaleCody PerrettNeville Campbell
Wyandotte Part MaleCody Perrett
Wyandotte AOC MaleJohn SlaterCody Perrett
Wyandotte AOC FemaleJohn Slater
Rosecomb FemaleJohn Slater
Sussex MaleNeville Campbell
Sussex FemaleNeville Campbell
Sebright FemaleEmma WilliamsNeville Campbell
Japanese MaleNeville Campbell
Japanese FemaleNeville Campbell
AOC MaleNeville CampbellNeville Campbell
AOC FemaleNeville Campbell
Hard Feather Bantam1st2nd
Modern Game AOC MaleCody Perrett
Modern Game AOC FemaleCody Perrett
Pit Game MaleJohn Slater
Pit Game FemaleJohn SlaterNeville Campbell
Hen Feather Pit Game MaleJohn Slater
Hen Feather Pit Game FemaleJohn Slater
OEG Spangle FemaleJohn Slater
OEG D/Wing Silver FemaleCody Perrett
OEG Blue/Red FemaleTahnee Beelitz
OEG Pile FemaleJohn Slater
OE AOC FemaleJohn SlaterNeville Campbell
AOV Game FemaleNeville Campbell
Indian Game AC MaleJohn Slater
Indian Game AC FemaleLes MacraeLes Macrae
Muscovy MaleJohn Slater
Muscovy FemaleJohn Slater
Khaki Campbell MaleNeville Campbell
Khaki Campbell FemaleNeville Campbell
AOV MaleCody PerrettCody Perrett
AOV FemaleLes MacraeLes Macrae
Junior Classes1st2nd
Bantam MalePhoebe Lachlan JohnsonChad Williams
Bantam FemaleChad WilliamsAbby Menzies

Section 5:
Farm & Dairy

Eggs - Hen 1 DozenBryce YoungBellingen High SchoolDorrigo High School
High School Aged Children1st2nd
Eggs - Hen 1 DozenShanlee DuckettDorrigo High School
Primary School Aged Children1st2nd
Eggs - Hen 1 dozenMyra SibandaLily Sibanda

Section 6:

Beetroot AV Sally Duckett
Beet Silverbeet or Spinach Linsay GuestDina Luciani
Cabbage Linsay Guest
Carrots AV Sally DuckettLinsay Guest
Eschalots Shanlee Duckett
Lettuce Dina LucianiBellingen High School
Onions Brown Sally DuckettShanlee Duckett
Garlic Shanlee DuckettJill Perkins
Avocado Shanlee DuckettSally Duckett
Cauliflower Linsay Guest
Broccoli Linsay Guest
Potatoes Linsay GuestSally Duckett
Parsely Bellingen High SchoolShanlee Duckett
Rhubarb Christine MooreDorrigo High School
Radishes AV Linsay Guest
Collection of Kitchen Herbs Dundurrabin Public SchoolDorrigo High School
AO Vegetable Soft Skin Dorrigo High School
Fruit & Veggie ArtSally DuckettAlison Clements
High School Aged Children1st2nd
Cabbage Dorrigo High School
Collection of Vegetables Bellingen High School
Novelty Best Dressed Vegetable Josephine Eppler
Fruit & Veggie ArtShanlee DuckettLiam Clements
Primary School Aged Children1st2nd
Lettuce Hernani Public School
Broccoli Shyla Guest
Beans Dundurrabin Public School
Potatoes Shyla Guest
AO Vegetable Soft Skin Shyla Guest
AO Vegetable Hard Skin Shyla Guest
Collection of Vegetables Dundurrabin Public School
Novelty Best Dressed Vegetable Shyla Guest
Fruit & Veggie ArtShyla GuestLinsay Guest

Section 7:

LemonsRuth HolmesShanlee Duckett
AOV of FruitCharlie LowerChristine Moore

Section 8:

Landscape or WaterscapeSue FrancisSusan FlaheryCathy Duck
PortraitCathy DuckTaff Cooper-WilliamsSue Francis
Black and WhiteSue FrancisHeidi HolmesSusan Flaherty
WildlifeCathy DuckCathy DuckCathy Duck
Back in TimeSue FrancisLiam ClementsJudy Docksey
EmotionsFiona FlynnSue FrancisCathy Duck
Funny PhotoCathy DuckSue FrancisSue Francis
Dusk and DawnCathy DuckSue FrancisFiona Basshard
Plateau LifeSue FrancisSue FrancisKeith Holmes
Dorrigo LegendsTaff Cooper-WilliamsTaff Cooper-WilliamsJudy Docksey
High School Aged Children1st2nd3rd
Landscape or WaterscapeShanlee DuckettMaddison CookShanlee Duckett
Best Friends ForeverTia BeaumontLiam ClementsTia Beaumont
Still LifeShanlee DuckettShanlee Duckett
Selective ColourTia BeaumontTia Beaumont
Primary School Aged Children1st2nd3rd
Landscape or WaterscapeAdeline Cooper-WilliamsAdeline Cooper-WilliamsBrydi Fittock
Best Friends ForeverNickey McDowellBrydi FittockNickey McDowell
Animal Bird Reptile or InsectTaff Cooper-WilliamsTaff Cooper-WilliamsLucy Flynn
Funny SelfiesBrydi Fittock

Section 9:
Student Art

Preschool Aged Children1st2nd
Painting and DrawingJaeda FosterSasha Downs
Cardboard Toilet Roll Farm AnimalJaeda FosterJaeda Foster
Decorated Party HatJaeda FosterJaeda Foster
3D Model including LegoJames EnglishJaeda Foster
AO CraftMolly WelshJaeda Foster
6 and Under1st2nd
Painting and DrawingLenny McKellarCaelym Rowe
Necklace for GrandmaKenndra FosterLenny MeKellar
My Pet RockKenndra FosterKenndra Foster
3D Model including LegoHarrison Becker Kenndra Foster
AO CraftKenndra FosterCale Greenhalgh
8 and Under1st2nd
Painting and DrawingKody KedzilieMakayla Connell
Moulded ArticleLeah Roworth
My Pet RockEvelyn Beaumont
AV CraftKatya DownsKatya Downs
10 and Under1st2nd
Painting and DrawingHanna FosterCharlie Lower
Moulded ArticleShyla GuestHanna Foster
Shoebox Scene – Back in Time ThemeHanna FosterHanna Foster
My Pet RockHanna FosterCassandra Cavanagh
3D Model including LegoHanna FosterLewis Parker
AO CraftLucy FlynnMackenzie Cook
12 and Under1st2nd
Painting and DrawingLinsay GuestEllen Marsdan
Construction using Recycled ItemsShyla Guest
Moulded ArticleLinsay GuestEllen Marsden
3D Model including LegoLinsay Guest
AO CraftOrlando McKevitt EmmersonChad Welsh
14 and Under1st2nd
PaintingRonny Baff
DrawingPolina Downs
AO CraftPolina DownsRonny Baff
16 and Under1st2nd
WoodworkLiam Clements

Section 10:

Cut Flowers1st2nd
AgapanthusBellingen High School
AstromeriaShirley MillerBarbara Carter
Arum or Calla LilyBill MarkShanlee Duckett
AzaleaHeather MenziesLinda Roberts
Bulb, Lily or RhizomeBrydi FittockBarbara Carter
CormBev MillerBill Marks
DahliaLinda Roberts
Flower from Tree or ShrubJill PerkinsRuth Holmes
FuchisaBarbara CarterBarbara Carter
GeraniumLinda RobertsBill Mark
Hydrangea (Mop Head)Heather MenziesCarolyn Cannon
Hydrangea (Lace Cap)Ruth HolmesRuth Holmes
LilliumBill MarkBill Mark
Mollis AzaleaHeather Menzies
Pansy or Viola on PlateChristene MillerBellingen High School
Rose Old FashionedHaidee FabrisLinda Roberts
Rose Hybrid TeaChristine MartinBev Miller
Rose FloribundaShirley MillerHeather Menzies
Rose MiniatureBev MillerChristine Martin
AO FlowerDavid TroostChristene Miller
Saucer of Flowers by Child under 14Myra SibandaLily Sibanda
Collection of Flowers from your GardenChristene MillerBarbara Carter
Collection of Yellow FlowersChristene Miller
Collection of White FlowersSusan AllomLinda Roberts
Collection of RosesJennifer WinkelChrisene Miller
Collection of PerennialsLinda RobertsLinda Roberts
Collection of Native FlowersBarbara CarterLaura Williams
Australian Native Flowers1st2nd
CallistemonLaura WilliamsShirley Miller
GrevilleaAnnette Clark
Kangaroo PawBarbara CarterNaomi Lean
Tallest Kangaroo PawJenny Hawkins
LeptospermumRuth HolmesAnnette Clark
AO NativeRichard ReesRod Holmes
Floral Art1st2nd
Aranged in RedChristene MillerAnnette Clark
Lime LightLinda RobertsJan Wilson
Show us your FoliageAnnette ClarkLinda Roberts
What a containerChristene MillerAnnette Clark
Oriental ApproachLinda Roberts
Student Arrangement in a Kitchen Container under 16Linsay GuestLucy Flynn
Back in Time ElementsJean TaskerChristene Miller

Section 11:

Pumpkin Fruit CakeShanlee DuckettSally Duckett
Fruit Cake ½ lbChristine MartinChristine Wait &
Marie Steele (equal)
Boiled Fruit CakeSally Duckett
Tea CakeRose KeoughMara Troost
Butter CakeMara TroostRose Keough
Orange CakeAlicia Miller
Chocolate CakeSally DuckettMarie Steele
Banana CakeShanlee DuckettCarol BeaumontSally Duckett
Muffins AVAnita Williams
Sponge Sandwich Jam FilledJenny Becker
Date LoafSally DuckettMara Troost &
Marie Steele (equal)
Marble CakeEmily O’Brien
Plum Pudding BoiledRose KeoughBarbara Carter
Patty CakesJenny BeckerSally Duckett
Butterfly CakesChristine MartinShanlee Duckett
LamingtonsMarie SteeleRose Keough
Slice using FruitSally DuckettRose Keough
Slice AOVSally Duckett
Kentish CakeMara Troost
Jam DropsHannah SinclairRose Keough
Biscuits CollectionHannah Sinclair
GingernutsSally Duckett
Zucchini SliceRose KeoughBarbara Carter
Scones made with Butter or CreamRose Keough
Date SconesShanlee Duckett
Bread AV Machine MadeSally DuckettShanlee Duckett
Bread AV HandmadeChristine Wait
Loaf of Banana BreadKerrie FittockBarbara Carter
Special Cake by Men OnlyLiam ClementsRob Miller
High School Aged Children1st2nd3rd
Patty CakesShanlee DuckettHannah Sinclair
Plain Scones Made with Butter or CreamHannah SinclairClio Ridley
Slice AVHannah SinclairShanlee Duckett
Anzac BiscuitsShanlee DuckettEllie Thornhill
Jam DropsHannah SinclairShanlee DuckettBen Ridge
Chocolate Cake IcedShanlee DuckettHannah Sinclair
Primary School Aged Children1st2nd3rd
Butter Cake IcedLily SibandaRyleigh Miller
Patty CakesHarrison BeckerJosephine EpplerCaitlyn Young
Plain Scones Made with Butter or CreamBrydi FittockCaitlyn Young &
Ryleigh Miller (equal)
Gingerbread Man BiscuitsBryce YoungCaitlyn YoundRyleigh Miller
Novelty Shaped BiscuitsWill Parker &
Brydi Fittock (equal)
Decorated Arrowroot BiscuitsBrydi FittockHarrison BeckerCaitlyn Young

Section 12:

Blackberry JamBarbara Carter
Melon AFShanlee DuckettSally Duckett
Tomato JamSally Duckett
Strawberry JamShanlee Duckett
AOV JamAnita WilliamsDundurrabin Public School
Lemon ButterChristine WaitVince & Rose Kahl
Passionfruit ButterShanlee DuckettVince & Rose Kahl
Jellies & Conserves1st2nd
AV JellyDundurrabin Public School
Sweet Orange MarmaladeSally Duckett
AOV Citrus MarmaladeSam HuttonCarolyn Cannon
Chutneys, Pickles & Relishes1st2nd
Tomato ChutneyCarolyn Cannon
AOV ChutneyCarolyn CannonCarolyn Cannon
Relish AVAnita Williams
AV VegetableDundurrabin Public School
Choko PicklesBarbara Carter
Pickles AOVDundurrabin Public School
Caramel SauceChristine Wait
Tomato SauceSally Duckett
Chilli SauceVince & Rose Kahl
Thai Chilli SauceVince & Rose Kahl
Salad Dressing1st2nd
Salad Dressing UncookedDundurrabin Public School
Salad Dressing in VinegarDundurrabin Public School
Salad Dressing in OilDundurrabin Public School
Fruit AVBarbara Carter
Dried Fruit, Herbs & Vegetables1st2nd
AV Dried FruitDundurrabin Public School
AV Dried HerbsDundurrabin Public SchoolChristine Wait
AV Dried VegetableDundurrabin Public SchoolChristine Wait
Fruit Leathers AVDundurrabin Public School
AO Pantry ItemDundurrabin Public School
Cordials AVSam Hutton
School Aged Children1st2nd
AV JamShanlee DuckettDundurrabin Public School
AV MarmaladeShanlee DuckettDundurrabin
AV SauceShanlee Duckett &
Dundurrabin Public School (equal)
AV Salad DressingDundurrabin Public School
AV Dried FruitHerb or VegetableDundurrabin Public School

Section 13:

CushionRosemary FredericksJennifer Winkel
Dress HangersRosemary Fredericks
Article in Counted Cross StitchHeather MenziesJulie Edmonds
Creative BagBarbara MyerRosemary Fredericks
Patchwork QuiltJudy DockseyJennifer Winkel
Patchwork Quilt Commercially QuiltedJudy DockseyAmanda Steinhardt
Patchwork Quilt Domestically QuiltedJennifer WinkelAnne Puplijoviski
Patchwork ArticleMeg Corlis
Article Featuring AppliqueBarbara MyerJudy Docksey
Article made from Scrap BagKristen BlakeJean Tasker
AO Article not listedKristen BlakeKristen Blake
Article Depicting Bake in Time ThemeKristen BlakeJudy Docksey
Article made by GroupChris Timmins
Baby BonnetJoan Phipps
Baby ArticleJoan Phipps
Baby Bootees or ShoettesJoan Phippes
Washer or TowelJoan Phippes
Baby Article TraditionalJulie Edmonds
Baby Article ModernJoan Phippes
Jumper or Cardigan Child’sKate SmithJoan Phippes
Jumper or Cardigan AdultMara TroostAlison Clements
Sleevless Jumper AdultMara TroostKate Smith
Knitted RugJulie EdmondsJoan Phippes
ScarftAnita Williams
Article from Scrap BagJean Tasker
AO Knitting not listedJacque FlavellRosalie Walker
Article Depicting Back in Time ThemeJean Tasker
Special Section Over 70 Years1st2nd
Knitted ArticleMara TroostMara Troost
Needlework ArticleBarbara NyerJean Tasker
School Aged Children1st2nd
Patchwork ArticleNickel Lambie
Decorated CushionBrydi Fittck
AO Article not listedHernani Public SchoolMyra Siba

Section 14:

Sample of Hand Spun Alpaca FibreGwenda ChreightonTamika Peek
Sample of Hand Spun FibreGwenda ChreightonTamika Peek
Sample of Hand Spun WoolTamika PeekGwenda Chreighton
Article Woven by HandBeatrix O’BrienJacque Flavell
Hand Woven ScarfBeatrix O’Brien
Hand Spun ArticleAnita WilliamsJacque Flavell
Bathroom ArticleMeg Corlis
Knitted ArticleGwenda ChreightonJoyce Darley
Article from Hand Made FeltJoyce DarleyGwenda Chreighton
Article from Nuno FeltJoyce DarleyGwenda Chreighton
Article from Commercial FeltLyn Baldwin
Handmade BagLaura Webster
Article DyedJudy DockseyKristen Blake
Greeting CardJoyce DarleyChristine Moore
Pin CushionGwenda Chreighton
Article in BeadworkShanlee DuckettJudy Docksey
Picture without EmbroideryJudy DockseyGwenda Chreighton
Wall Hanging with EmbroideryJennifer WinkelLyn Baldwin
Wall Hanging without EmbroideryJudy DockseyJennifer Winkel
Scrapbook Any Subject On PaperAmanda Steinhardt
Woodwork ItemMichael ToozoffMargaret Toozoff
Article Costing less than $10Kristen BlakeGwenda Chreighton
Article Made by Person Over 70 YearsMichael ToozoffGwenda Chreighton
Handmade or Machine Made Teddy BearJudy Docksey
Soft ToyJudy Docksey
AO Handicraft not listedAmanda SteinhardtJudy Docksey
Article Depicting Back in Time ThemeGwenda ChreightonSally Duckett

Section 15:
Fine Arts

S15: To be advised

Section 16:
Home Brew

Pale AleJocelyn Todd
StoutJocelyn Todd
CidersJocelyn Todd
SpiritsJocelyn Todd
LiqueurJocelyn Todd

Section 17:
Show Ambassadors


Section 18:

300mm Underhand HandicapA ScrivenerW WoollardM Kellett
300mm Standing Block HandicapB BryceS PottieM Kellett
325mm Underhand HandicapA MoranM MooreB Bryce
250mm Standing Block HandicapW WoollardJ BarnettA Scrivener
275mm Combination ChampionshipB BryceM KellettJ Barnett
300mm Tree Felling HandicapA ScrivenerW WoollardM Kellett
275mm Veterans' HandicapW WoollardJ BarkerG Baxter
400mm Double-handed
Sawing Handicap
P Shipman &
J Barker
C Kellett &
S Dunn
A Moran &
J Gill
Jack & Jill
Sawing Handicap
E Scrivener &
A Scrivener
J Moran &
A Moran
M Kellett &
M Scrivener

Section 19:
Fun Run & Bike Event

13km Run - Open1st2nd3rd
MalePaul Woodhouse
Steven Dunn
FemaleJessica Borg
6.5km Run/Walk1st2nd3rd
Open - MaleBen Rose
Grant Armessen
Chris McLennan
Open - FemaleTina McCrae
Leah Doman
Bethany Richmond
Youth (12-17yrs) - MaleBrock Rootes
Youth (12-17yrs) - FemaleBrooke Stainton
Cheyenne Lowe
Emily Stainton
Junior (under 12yrs) - MaleWilliam Stainton
Matthew Young
3km Walk/Run - Junior (under 12yrs)1st2nd3rd
MaleMarshall KellettBryce YoungCale Greenhalgh
FemaleHayley PitkinCaitlyn YoungRyleigh Miller

Section 20:
Pet Show

S20: To be advised

Section 21:
Bush Dog Trials

NoviceCokeMathew Doak AnnaDan LoweBessPeter Young

Section 22:
Ute Challenge

S22: To be advised

Section 23:
Motor Bikes

S23: To be advised

Section 24:
Scarecrows &Wheel-barrows

Most Popular ScarecrowCarolyn Hulbert